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Crosswordsearch is a WordPress plugin for designing and playing wordsearch-style crosswords. It started as a development for, the International Children's Media Network.

If you want to use this plugin on your Website, I strongly advise you to load it from the Wordpress Plugin repository.

For developers

Only releases will be in a consistent state. Latest: GitHub version

Crosswordsearch is compatible with Worpress 3.6 and above. It requires PHP 5.3 or above and a MySQL DBMS that supports InnoDB tables.

All modern browsers as well as Internet Explorer 9 and newer are supported. The Gutenberg editor interface requires current browsers, as does Gutenberg itself.

Installation in Wordpress

I recommend to create a softlink under the name crosswordsearch in your wordpress plugin directory pointing at the plugin directory. Copying and renaming the directory will work also, with the exception of the test data install.

Activating the plugin from the Wordpress administrative interface will

  • install three additional database tables wp_crw_projects, wp_crw_editors and wp_crw_crosswords, explicitly as InnoDB tables. Make sure your MySQL server supports this engine.
  • introduce two specialized capabilities: edit_crossword will be given to roles that have the moderate_comments capability, push_crossword will be given to the Subscriber role. These are defaults that can be altered on the Settings/Crosswordsearch adminstrative page.

If your WP installation is in debug mode, additionally some test data will be added to wp_crw_projects and wp_crw_crosswords. (Debug mode will break if you use a WP version < 3.8 together with PHP 5.5. This is actually a general issue with class $wpdb. Read this Blog post for more information.)

On plugin deactivation, the special roles will be removed, but the data tables are left in place.

Usage in Wordpress

See the wiki.


The plugin contains a mechanism for custom theming and a API for consuming solution submissions.

Grunt tasks

Please refer to to get grunt up and running. Running

npm install

in the base directory will install all needed dependencies for the defined tasks. This includes some Jasmine test dependencies installed in tests/vendor with bower.

The following tasks are available for the development process:

  • grunt jasmine will build files tests/_SpecRunner-*.html that can run the unit tests in tests/unit/ in any browser you like (one for the main app and one the shortcode wizzard). It will not run the tests as part of the task.
  • grunt jshint:main will lint the files in src/js/, grunt jshint:spec those in tests/unit/
  • grunt uglify will link the files in src/js/ together as plugin/js/crosswordsearch.js and minify them as plugin/js/crosswordsearch.min.js. Please note that if you add a new file, you have to list it explicitely in Gruntfile.js to include for linting and uglifying.
  • grunt writel10n will compile l10n.php from json data that are also used in unit testing
  • grunt sass will compile, link and minify the files in src/css/ as plugin/css/crosswordsearch.css.
  • grunt pot extracts the localizable strings from the plugin/ .php files to the plugin/languages/crosswordsearch.pot template.
  • grunt msgmerge will update all .po files in plugin/languages/ to reflect plugin/languages/crosswordsearch.pot.
  • grunt block compiles the block-editor.js from JSX to es2015-compatible Javascript.
  • grunt msgupdate executes block, pot and msgmerge together and splits out the strings needed for the block-editor.js frontend file.
  • grunt executes jshint:main, uglify, writel10n, cssmin and msgupdate together.