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@ccrisan ccrisan released this Jun 22, 2019

What's new:

  • OS: updated to BuildRoot 2019.02.2
  • OS: added experimental RTSP/h264 fast network camera mode
  • OS: Raspberry Pi (all): updated kernel to 4.19
  • OS: Tinkerboard: updated kernel
  • OS: Nano Pi Neo2: updated kernel
  • OS: Odroid C2: updated kernel
  • OS: Orange Pi One: updated kernel to mainline 5.1.9
  • OS: added support for Orange Pi Zero
  • motionEye: added HTTP headers to prevent live streaming frame caching
  • motionEye: removed useless & painful Advanced Settings filter
  • motionEye: Simple MJPEG Camera credentials are no longer embedded into URL
  • motionEye: added support for maximum_threshold and threshold_tune Motion option
  • motionEye: fixed leading/trailing slash issue with Google clean cloud feature
  • motionEye: slider values are now shown while hovered with mouse
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