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Initial Setup

The web user interface allows you to configure pretty much everything. You'll probably want to enable the advanced settings option. Here are the most important things you should take care of when configuring your motionEyeOS for the first time:

  • set a password for the two users (admin and user)
  • set the correct timezone for your region
  • enable the wireless connection, if you have one
  • configure your video device(s) (resolution, framerate etc)
  • configure the file storage if you want your pictures/movies saved on a network or USB drive
  • enable still images and/or motion movies if you want any information to be recorded

The installed camera devices are normally automatically detected and configured for you, but you can however add more devices (including remote devices) from the settings panel.

Normal Use

There are two users that can be used to access the web interface: admin and user. The former is meant for administrative purposes while the later should be used for surveillance.

Most modern browsers, including the mobile ones, should work fine with the web interface. Just point your browser to the IP address of your motionEyeOS (on port 80) and enter your credentials. The cameras will automatically refresh according to their configured streaming refresh rate. You can click on any of them to display it alone or you can use the full screen button of each camera to open a full window/tab displaying only that camera.

Movies and pictures taken by each camera can be browsed, previewed and downloaded using the media browser window which opens by clicking on the pictures or movies buttons.

These pictures and movies recored by motionEyeOS are visible on the local network as well. Just look for your motionEyeOS system in your network in a Windows Explorer window or use the smb://your_motion_eye/ URL if on Linux. The two shares, sdcard and storage represent the local SD card data partition and any other attached storage, respectively.

You can access your files using an FTP as well, unless you have tweaked your system otherwise. Your motionEyeOS can be browsed using virtually any FTP client.

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