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1. Introduction
PiLowLib is a library that provides low level access to the
peripherals of the Raspberry PI. Currently, besides the raw access
to the registers, the following peripherals are supported:
    * simple digital I/O
    * PWM
    * SPI
    * clocks

PiLowLib is fast and performant due to the fact that
it uses direct access to the Raspberry PI's
peripherals registers. Moreover, it's completely
written in Python and does not need any C compiling.

PiLowLib was written by Calin Crisan <>
and is released under LGPLv3 license.

Parts of this library were inspired from the wiringPi project
written by Gordon Henderson.

2. Installing
The library works exclusively on a Raspberry PI device
and it requires full root access to `/dev/mem'.
Therefore it is strongly recommended not to install it on any
other type of machine.

You can always download the latest source code from github:

For testing purposes you can just use the library from its
download location, by setting the PYTHONPATH accordingly:
    export PYTHONPATH=$PYTHONPATH:/path/to/pilowlib

If you want to install it on the system, just run the following 
command (as root):
    python install

3. Getting started
A couple of source code samples were included in the
`examples' directory. This is a good point to get started.
More details on how the hardware and peripherals worok can
always be found by reading the datasheet:


Low level pure Python library for working with Raspbery PI's peripherals




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