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Repository for Officially Supported ChuGins Build Status

Prepackaged Binaries

Binaries for most chugins in this repository are automatically included by the ChucK installers for Mac OS X and Windows. If you haven't installed ChucK already, these are available at

Linux/Advanced Users

To compile and install all chugins:

git clone
cd chugins
make [osx|win32|linux]
sudo make install

List of Current Chugins

  • ABSaturator
    • soft clip saturating distortion, based on examples from Abel/Berners' Music 424 course at Stanford.
  • Bitcrusher
    • sample-width reducer + sample rate decimator, bringing to mind the sounds of your favorite low-fidelity vintage audio equipment.
  • MagicSine
    • Efficient means of computing a sine wave with 2 adds and 2 multiples per sample, at the expense of being able to dynamically adjust phase.
  • KasFilter
    • by @Kassen
    • Undersampling-based resonant lowpass filter
  • FIR
  • FoldbackSaturator
    • by Ness Morris
    • Foldback Saturator for nasty distortion
  • Pan4 / Pan8 / Pan16
    • Basic equal-power panners for 4, 8, and 16 channels
  • PitchTrack
  • GVerb
    • by @jwmatthys
    • Good quality stereo reverb with adjustable parameters
  • Mesh2D
    • by @jwmatthys
    • STK instrument that simulates a rectilinear, 2-dimensional digital waveguide mesh structure. Basically sounds like striking a metal plate.
  • Spectacle
  • Elliptic
    • by @jwmatthys
    • Elliptic filter, capable of very steep slopes or interesting harmonic ripples
  • MIAP
  • PowerADSR
  • WarpBuf
    • by @dbraun
    • Time-stretching and pitch-stretching sound buffer that can optionally import asd files from Ableton Live for beatmatching.
  • WinFuncEnv
    • by @ericheep
    • Envelope built on window functions.

Chugins That We Are Working On

  • MAUI for chuck
  • GlucK (OpenGL)
  • AudioUnit loader
  • Ambisonics

Chugins We would like to see happen

  • More configurable reverbs, dynamics processors, and distortion units
  • VST loader