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Note: I have not used Windows for some time, and this project is abandoned. I am keeping the repository around because a few people are still interested in it, but it may vanish in the future.

Speech recognition macros, using dragonfly. Used with Dragon NaturallySpeaking (DNL) 12 and SpeechStart+, in Windows 7 64 bits.

This repository can be cloned directly into C:\NatLink\NatLink\MacroSystem and NatLink will pick the macros up.

Window Manipulation

Command Description
move window to monitor <number> Move window to given monitor, keeping size
snap window to <place> Resize and move window to given place (see below)
maximize window Maximize current window
minimize window Minimize (iconify) current window
restore window Restore current window to non-maximized size
focus <window name> Bring named window to the foreground
  • <places>: One of top (left | half | right), bottom (left | half | right), left half, right half, whole monitor.

Although some of the above commands are pre-defined or have equivalents in DNL/SpeechStart+, they do not work with some applications (such as Emacs and/or Internet Explorer).


Vimium should be installed, and GMail keyboard shortcuts enabled. In vimium, replace the characters for option "Characters used for link hints" by 123456789.

Command Description
show labels Show labels for every clickable item.



Command Symbol
at @
close arc )
close curly }
close square ]
colon :
comma ,
dot .
hash #
open arc (
open curly {
open square [
percent %
slash /

Grouping Symbols

Command Description
angle Inserts <> and moves the cursor in between them
arc Inserts () and moves the cursor in between them
curly Inserts {} and moves the cursor in between them
double Inserts "" and moves the cursor in between them
single Inserts '' and moves the cursor in between them
square Inserts [] and moves the cursor in between them


Command Description
constant <dictation> Inserts DICTATION_FORMATTED_LIKE_THIS
lisp <dictation> Inserts dictation-formatted-like-this
lower camel <dictation> Inserts dictationFormattedLikeThis
score <dictation> Inserts dictation_formatted_like_this
upper camel <dictation> Inserts DictationFormattedLikeThis
lower spaced <dictation> Inserts dictation formatted like this


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