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1. How to add a plugin

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  1. To install a plugin, select it in the Settings and hit the Download button afterwards. This initiates the download of the plugin file in default system browser.
  2. All plugins are provided as zip archives which you need to extract on the local system.
  3. Afterwards, switch to the Local tab under Plugins in Seer's Settings, and click on +. This opens a file browser which you use to select the json file in the folder you have extracted the archive to.
  4. Once done, click OK to save, then support for the new file types has been added to Seer.


  • The extension of file is case insensitive
  • All common formats are already supported internally. Do not add all plugins. It is impossible to have all file formats on your computer, and this will waste traffic and memory, which is bad, very bad.
  • After the steps are complete, moving or deleting files will cause the main program to fail to use the plugin successfully, and it needs to be added again.
  • When multiple plugins support the same file format:
    • Seer will give priority to using OIT plugins, currently only office and fontviewer are OIT plugins.
    • If there is no OIT plugin, conflicts between common plugins will be prioritized using the upper one in the Settings.
    • Drag the number to change the order.