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Cordova plugin to retrieve Android user email account using Google Play Services.
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Cordova plugin to retrieve Android user email account. We rely on Google Play Services instead of asking user android.permission.GET_ACCOUNTS

Instead of asking the above permission for only getting user e-mail, we use Google Play Services and to install Google Play Services, the plugin has a dependency on the following plugin:

Following SO post gave us the idea to wrap the code in a Cordova plugin:

To quote from the post:

If your app has the GET_ACCOUNTS permission and there's only one account, you get it right away. If your app doesn't have it, or if there are more than one account, users get a prompt so they can authorize or not the action.

Your app needs to include the Google Play Services but it doesn't need any permissions.

This whole process will fail on older versions of Android (2.2+ is required), or if Google Play is not available so you should consider that case.

##Installing the plugin To add this plugin just type: cordova plugin add

To remove this plugin type: cordova plugin remove com.ccsoft.plugin.AndroidEmail

The plugin has the following method only:


  • getEmail Retrieves the email with success callback. Error callback is called with error message when needed.
var plugin = new CC.AndroidEmail();
  function(email) {
  	// Use email
  function(error) {
  	// Handle error

##Versions Tested with Cordova 3.6

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