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Fulcrum 1.8.2

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@cculianu cculianu released this 05 Oct 19:15
· 192 commits to master since this release

What's new:

This is a minor release of Fulcrum. The main change from the previous release is that support for BCH "chipnet" has been added, and is now auto-detected when the daemon returns the network name from getblockchaininfo as "chip". Upgrading from v1.8.1 is not required (but is still recommended, especially if you intend to use chipnet now).

To use chipnet, you should build BCHN MR !1600. A pre-built binary of BCHN supporting chipnet is available for download here.

Discussion and references to what chipnet itself is can be found here.

Summary of changes:

  • Added support for BCH "chipnet", which is auto-detected. The Fulcrum binary has a static list of seed peers, so that it may find other peers for chipnet specifically. (Calin Culianu)
  • Added some more unit tests for the merkle calculation code. (Calin Culianu)
  • Fixed a long-standing out-of-spec implementation of the CTRL-C/SIGTERM signal handler (made sure it's 100% async signal safe).
  • Added build support for compiling on FreeBSD. #137 (Andrew Kallmeyer)

Pre-compiled binaries for Linux

I have provided two pre-built binaries for Linux:

  • Fulcrum-1.8.2-x86_64-linux.tar.gz, which is compiled on an Ubuntu 18.04 system using Docker.
  • Fulcrum-1.8.2-arm64-linux.tar.gz, which is compiled on an Ubuntu 18.04 system (for ARM64 bit) using Docker.
  • Fulcrum-1.8.2-x86_64-linux-ub16.tar.gz, which is compiled on a stock Ubuntu 16.04 system (using Docker) but with g++ 8.1.0 installed from this ppa source: ppa:jonathonf/gcc-8 & ppa:jonathonf/gcc

All 3 of the above binaries contain jemalloc, libzmq, Qt5Core, Qt5Network (from Qt 5.15.6), and OpenSSL 1.1.1 statically linked. They still require libz2, libstd++, and the right libc version as dynamic libs on your system (but those are usually present if you are on a recent system).

If the first regular -linux binary fails, try the second one (-linux-ub16), which should work on older systems, hopefully.

Pre-compiled binaries for Windows

  • - Pre-built, statically linked Windows version.
    • It should "just work" on any Windows 10 or above 64-bit system.
    • Includes is a statically-linked Fulcrum.exe, built with jemalloc, libzmq, Qt 5.15.2, OpenSSL 3.0.1, and gcc 11.2.0.
    • Additionally, FulcrumAdmin.exe is included which is the python script, but made into a onefile .exe using PyInstaller.

See the .asc files at the bottom for signatures; my gpg public key can be obtained here:

Binary builds for macOS coming soon -- Until then you can always build from source!