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Install git, subversion, and patch packages from
Download latest DMD 1.0 from Extract to location of your choice (I chose C:\, to end up with C:\dmd). Also download, since we'll need the C++ compiler to compile tango. Add the bin folders for both to your path.
svn checkout into dmd\import.
git clone mordor from ssh:// into a directory of your choice.
From a bash prompt (otherwise you will get errors because of the wildcard), go to the import directory, and type "cat <path/to/mordor>/patches/tango/*" | patch -p0"
Edit sc.ini as described in
From the import\lib folder, run build-dmd.bat, then build-win32.bat.
Download dsss from, and add it to your path.
Make a directory somewhere, then *inside* that subfolder checkout into win32.
In the *parent* of Make a dsss.conf file that contains:
Then run "dsss install".
Go to your mordor checkout, and run dsss build.