Counterclockwise plugin which enables ANSI colors to be displayed in the REPL when the ANSI Eclipse plugin is available
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This project is a Counterclockwise User Plugin which enables ANSI colors to be displayed in the REPL when the ANSI Eclipse plugin is available.

This plugin's state is stable.

NOTE: this plugin will only work with a version of Counterclockwise that is yet to be released (as of 2015/5/7). You can use continuous integration-based CCW version to test it, in the mean time )


The ANSI EConsole Eclipse Plugin ( ) must be installed and enabled.


The ~/.ccw/ folder is where Counterclockwise searches for User Plugins.

It is recommended to layout User Plugins inside this folder by mirroring Github's namespacing. So if you clone laurentpetit/ccw-plugin-ansi-repl, you should do the following:

  • Create a folder named ~/.ccw/ccw-ide/

  • Clone this project from ~/.ccw/ccw-ide/

      mkdir -p ~/.ccw/ccw-ide
      cd ~/.ccw/ccw-ide
      git clone
  • If you have already installed ccw-plugin-manager (, then type Alt+U S to re[S]tart User Plugins (and thus ccw-plugin-ansi-repl will be found and loaded)

  • If you have not already installed ccw-plugin-manager, restart your Eclipse / Counterclockwise/Standalone instance.


This plugin enables ANSI characters to be printed accordingly in a REPL log area.

The plugin also adds an icon to REPLs which allows to disable ANSI EConsole styling.


To uninstall a User plugin, simply remove its directory. At the next Eclipse/Counterclockwise restart, it'll be gone.


Copyright © 2009-2015 Laurent Petit Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.

Original code by François Rey at under the MIT License