Counterclockwise User Plugin providing tools for managing user plugins (open in workspace, new, reload, etc.)
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This project is a Counterclockwise User Plugin providing facilities to manage User Plugins.

This plugin's state is stable.


The ~/.ccw/ folder is where Counterclockwise searches for User Plugins.

It is recommended to layout User Plugins inside this folder by mirroring Github's namespacing. So if you clone ccw-ide/ccw-plugin-manager, you should do the following:

  • Create a folder named ~/.ccw/ccw-ide/

  • Clone this project from ~/.ccw/ccw-ide/

      mkdir -p ~/.ccw/ccw-ide
      cd ~/.ccw/ccw-ide
      git clone
  • Restart your Eclipse / Counterclockwise/Standalone instance.


This User Plugin installs a few keybindings to help work with other User Plugins.

  • Alt+U S : re[S]tart user plugins
  • Alt+U N : create [N]ew user plugin
  • Alt+U I : [I]mport all user plugins as projects in workspace


Copyright © 2009-2015 Laurent Petit

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure.