CCXT Cryptocurrency Trading Library Examples


To run the ccxt examples from any folder type one of the following commands in console.


JavaScript Examples

node path/to/example.js # substitute for actual filename here

bitcoin ascii chart


Python Examples


python path/to/ # substitute for actual filename here


PHP Examples

php -f path/to/example.php # substitute for actual filename here

See Also

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Bitflyerの未約定の全注文をCCXTで一括でキャンセルする方法 – How to cancel all uncommitted orders of Bitflyer in bulk with CCXT

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数字货币量化交易1 【群友 Shadow 自制】ccxt 的python版本安装及使用入门 – Trading Digital Currencies 1: Installing and using the Python version of ccxt (video in Chinese)

数字货币量化交易2 【群友 林军 自制】ccxt Unified API命令详解及node版本使用演示 – Trading Digital Currencies 2: Using unified CCXT API (video in Chinese)

数字货币量化交易3 ccxt Custom API命令详解及node版本使用演示 – Trading Digital Currencies 3: Details on using custom exchange-specific implicit methods in ccxt (video in Chinese)

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Using ccxt and technicalindicators to calculate MACD for BTC/USDT with Node.js – A runkit sample showing how to fetch data and run statistical calculations.

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LOC-Extension – a LibreOffice extension which embeds ccxt to provide cryptocurrency price lookup in your spreadsheets.

CryptoMon Bot - helps tracking of your cryptocurrency investments and making smart, informed buy/sell decisions.

ZenBot - a command-line cryptocurrency trading bot using Node.js and MongoDB.

bitcoin-chart-cli by madnight – a command-line console util that draws Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin and many altcoin charts right in the terminal!


It uses the asciichart JavaScript module by kroitor for nice-looking lightweight ASCII line charting )) Both packages are available in npm!


Special thx to MitchTalmadge for porting this package to Java language! Java-people, check it out here: ASCIIGraph.