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3d Asset Tools
C Python Makefile
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scripts Improve loop flag calculation.
Makefile Rearrange files and remove OBJ tools.
assiqe.c assiqe.c: Add -P option to print list and position of all nodes.
getopt.c Add command line parsing and batch rendering mode to assview.
iqe-apply-pose.c Add C-based IQE tool to remove bones and merge root bones.
iqe-merge-root.c Merge footstep bone instead of deleting it.
iqe.c iqe.c -- normalize blend weights and support quads. Only add quotes when needed. Semicolon as material separator. Add normal-thief script to bend normals for trees and grass.
iqeview.c Add oblique camera mode. Fix bugs in iqm_to_iqe script and add support for comment text.
stb_image.c Add asset viewer tool.

3d Asset Tools

A set of tools for manipulating 3d assets in IQE/IQM format.

  • assview -- an Open Asset Import Library based model viewer using OpenGL and GLUT
  • iqeview -- an IQE model viewer using OpenGL and GLUT

  • assiqe -- an Open Asset Import Library based IQE exporter

  • -- a python importer for IQM and IQE models

  • -- convert binary IQM back into textual IQE format

License: BSD unless otherwise stated.

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