An archive of programming conferences' & organizations' Code of Conduct policies. In tasty plain text & metadata, so they can be diffed painlessly and optionally jekyllized.
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An archive of programming conferences' code of conduct policies. In tasty plain text, with metadata, so they can be diffinated painlessly.



Ability to explore programming conference codes of conduct -- how they derive, adapt, and inspire others -- gives us valuable insights; as programming conference organizers who seek create a code and refine it, as community members who are held accountable for upholding it, and as sponsors who evaluate whether to support it.

Exploring a spectrum of approaches, and their nuances of language, gives us insights into conferences' values, vision, and expectations.

IMPORTANT: Inclusion of a particular code of conduct is neither intended as endorsement nor disapproval. A dataset of varied examples gives everyone a useful basis for more thoughtful conversations. You can help add to the conversation by contributing pull requests for additional programming conferences and organizations.


$ git clone

$ cd code-of-conduct-diffinator

$ diff -y

Alternate Usage

There are many alternatives to the diff command. For comparing codes of conduct, word or character diffs are more informative anyway.


Xcode Commandline Tools includes a nice GUI called, which does word diffs. Filemerge is invoked at the commandline as opendiff.

$ opendiff

wdiff & colordiff

$ wdiff | colordiff

(Mac users: these are available from Homebrew.)


$ gvim -d


When developing a code of conduct for your programming conference, please attempt to credit the sources it draws upon, so others can likewise benefit from understanding differing approaches. For example:

Adapted from the codes of conduct by JsConfEU <> and Geek Feminism <>, using source materials archived at <>


Does your conference publish a code of conduct? We <3 pull requests. See for info.


code-of-conduct-diffinator is maintained by @cczona for CallbackWomen <\>