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Commits on Feb 7, 2012
  1. @maxwell
  2. @denniscollective
  3. @denniscollective
  4. @denniscollective
Commits on Feb 6, 2012
  1. @denniscollective


    denniscollective authored
  2. @maxwell

    almost failing cuke

    maxwell authored
  3. @danielgrippi
  4. @danielgrippi
  5. @jhass

    use :absolute => true instead of concatenating the pod url manually i…

    jhass authored
    …n ostatus_builder [ci skip]
  6. @jhass

    Merge pull request #2821 from gandaro/missing-translation-invitations

    jhass authored
    add previously missing translation in the invitation-lightbox
  7. @danielgrippi
  8. @danielgrippi

    fix images in reshares. unfortunately, the reshare presenter is broke…

    danielgrippi authored
    …n right now and i'm passing out in front of my laptop (re: cuke failure) :( [ci skip]
  9. @danielgrippi
  10. @danielgrippi

    set handlebars compiler in jammit config.yml (handlebars worries abou…

    danielgrippi authored
    …t maintaining a compilation cache, we don't have to do this manually.) [ci skip]
  11. Merge pull request #2811 from gandaro/2809-atom-userlink-incorrect

    Daniel Grippi authored
    use guid in atom feed to fix the link
  12. Merge pull request #2826 from nolith/capistrano

    Daniel Grippi authored
    fixed and improved capistrano recipe [ci skip]
  13. @danielgrippi
Commits on Feb 5, 2012
  1. @danielgrippi
  2. @danielgrippi
Commits on Feb 4, 2012
  1. @danielgrippi

    allow jammit to serve up our handlebars templates, making them cachea…

    danielgrippi authored
    …ble! added bonus: changing a handlebars template now doesn't involve re-running rspec to regenerate them. zing.
  2. @nolith
  3. @nolith

    capistrano deploy: let the user choose if running svc and svstat with…

    nolith authored
    … sudo
    Set svc_sudo to true in deploy_config.yml to use sudo.
    The default value will be false, so that if the parameter is missing capistrano will behave exactly as before.
  4. @gandaro
  5. @nolith
  6. @nolith
  7. @sarahmei

    Fix migration for MySQL

    sarahmei authored
  8. @maxwell

    Merge pull request #2818 from rekado/fix_migration_for_psql

    maxwell authored
    fix syntax for psql backend
  9. fix syntax for psql backend

    Ricardo authored
    - PostgreSQL doesn't allow double quotes for values. Double quotes are
      used for surrounding table names that contain spaces. Single quotes
      should be used for values.
    - DELETE in a JOIN is not permitted in SQL-99 (see so we use USING with WHERE instead
  10. @denniscollective
  11. @denniscollective
Commits on Feb 3, 2012
  1. @danielgrippi

    update unicorn [ci skip]

    danielgrippi authored
  2. @danielgrippi

    User#like! method.

    danielgrippi authored
  3. @danielgrippi
  4. @danielgrippi
  5. @gandaro
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