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require 'rack/codehighlighter'
require 'coderay'
# Fix Rack bug
require './lib/rack_static_patch'
use Rack::ShowExceptions
use Rack::ShowStatus
use Rack::Static, :urls => ["/css", "/img"], :root => "public"
use Rack::Codehighlighter, :coderay, :element => "pre.code", :pattern => /\A\s*:::(\w+)\s*\n/
use Rack::Codehighlighter, :coderay,
:element => "pre>code",
:markdown => true,
:pattern => /\A[:@]{3}\s?(\w+)\s*(\n|
# require 'thin/logging'
# Thin::Logging.debug = true
require './app'
run InstallFest
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