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@@ -9,7 +9,8 @@ Authentication, Form Library, I18N/L10N, Flash Message Template
Uses alchemy
-* Authentication
Authentication has a single authentication id which can have multiple
associated credentials. A user can create a username and associate their
@@ -37,15 +38,18 @@ Velruse is used for OpenID/OpenAuth providers and supports
Ability to overload the login form, extend the AuthUser class through
polymorphism or a Foreign Key user profile table.
-* Form Library
+Form Library
WTForms is used to help those transitioning over from Django to Pyramid.
-* I18N/L10N
Babel is used to support Internationalization and Localization.
-* Flash Messages
+Flash Messages
Templates and helpers for Mako and Jinja2 are included to support Flash
Messages in your application.

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