A tool to create, manage and analyze Wardley Maps.
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Atlas, the Wardley Mapping Tool

Build Status

#f03c15 Important Notice

#f03c15 I have no plans to maintain this tool anymore.

#f03c15 New version is being created at https://github.com/cdaniel/atlas2.


There are people who understand the difference between a professional and a "professional" strategy.

Dilbert strategy picture

If the table below does not ring a bell with you, go and check my mapping portal in order to gather the minimal required knowledge (for free).

Strategy Professional "Professional"
Reasoning Visual Verbal
Common tools maps SWOT/story telling
Prepared by you consultants
Price cheap very expensive

However, if you know what a Wardley Map is, I have a good news for you - I wrote a tool that makes map creation much easier. You can now easily create map, share it with someone, download as png, or create variants and evaluate them.

If you still are not sure whether this tool is for you, check the Atlas live instance.

Running your own instance

There is a common bias that novel & business critical tool must have big brands guarding them, because it warrants that those tools will not dissappear over night leaving users in the lurch. That is just plain wrong. If you would like to have your own instance of Atlas, you can get it running in nearly no time. Instructions are available on a [project wiki] (https://github.com/cdaniel/wardleymapstool/wiki/Running-your-own-instance). Do not worry, it is not complicated.

Support, questions and similar:

Via twitter @wardleymaps. Don't hesistate to ask, I will do what I can to help you.

Logo usage guide:

Logos visually identifying Atlas and wardleymaps.com are protected and should not be used if Atlas is used to offer commercial services.