fun distance controlled laser lamp
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See this post over @ to read up on laser lamping!

build instruction

  • wire similarly to the kerf instructable. it's electronically (functionally, not component-wise) ~the same, except the physical board layout is different. we will use a breadboard, they used a board they made themselves. wire it up the same regardless, disregarding physical layout.
  • observe build progression in blog post, and follow!

bill of material

  • LM7805, 5V regulator here
  • mini breadboard, here
  • 12V power supply, here. I used rockbirds brand. The molex connector is super handy!
  • ATMEL ATTINY45, here
  • 12V G4 LED panel. has a wide selection. just search "G4" and pick your pref. I used this one
  • HC-SR04
  • 2x 120 Ohm resistors
  • npn transistor, here
  • lots of wire, general purpose electronics
  • some glue (not required, but recommended)