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package go_koans
func aboutArrays() {
fruits := [4]string{"apple", "orange", "mango"}
assert(fruits[0] == __string__) // indexes begin at 0
assert(fruits[1] == __string__) // one is indeed the loneliest number
assert(fruits[2] == __string__) // it takes two to ...tango?
assert(fruits[3] == __string__) // there is no spoon, only an empty value
assert(len(fruits) == __int__) // the length is what the length is
assert(cap(fruits) == __int__) // it can hold no more
assert(fruits == [4]string{}) // comparing arrays is not like comparing apples and oranges
tasty_fruits := fruits[1:3] // defining oneself as a variation of another
assert(tasty_fruits[0] == __string__) // slices of arrays share some data
assert(tasty_fruits[1] == __string__) // albeit slightly askewed
assert(len(tasty_fruits) == __int__) // its length is manifest
assert(cap(tasty_fruits) == __int__) // but its capacity is surprising!
tasty_fruits[0] = "lemon" // are their shared roots truly identical?
assert(fruits[0] == __string__) // has this element remained the same?
assert(fruits[1] == __string__) // how about the second?
assert(fruits[2] == __string__) // surely one of these must have changed
assert(fruits[3] == __string__) // but who can know these things
veggies := [...]string{"carrot", "pea"}
assert(len(veggies) == __int__) // array literals need not repeat an obvious length
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