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package go_koans
func aboutChannels() {
ch := make(chan string, 2)
assert(len(ch) == __int__) // channels are like buffers
ch <- "foo" // i mean, "metaphors are like similes"
assert(len(ch) == __int__) // they can be queried for queued items
assert(<-ch == __string__) // items can be popped out of them
assert(len(ch) == __int__) // and len() always reflects the "current" queue status
// the 'go' keyword runs a function-call in a new "goroutine"
// which executes "concurrently" with the calling "goroutine"
go func() {
// your code goes here
assert(__delete_me__) // we'll need to make room for the queue, or suffer deadlocks
ch <- "bar" // this send will succeed
ch <- "quux" // there's enough room for this send too
ch <- "extra" // but the buffer only has two slots