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UV-CDAT 2.2.0

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@doutriaux1 doutriaux1 released this 14 May 22:52
· 1327 commits to release since this release

The UV-CDAT team is pleased to announce the release of UV-CDAT version 2.2.0.


Many thanks to users, testers, and developers for helping UV-CDAT to reach this milestone. We have fixed several major and minor bugs in version 2.2 and therefore we strongly recommend users upgrade their UV-CDAT installation. For this release, we are providing binary distributions for RedHat6/CentOS6, Ubuntu 14, Mac OS X 10.8 and up, and the installation source code. Additional binaries may become available later.

We are proud to announce the launch of an askbot website to help the UV-CDAT user community. This supports version 2.2 onward. See:

To obtain UV-CDAT or browse documentation and image galleries, please visit the following links:

Platform binaries

Binary installation instructions



Changes in v2.2

Changes/bug fixes since v2.1

UV-CDAT Resources

Source code build instructions
Image/code galleries
Planned features and bug fixes for v2.4

As always, the UV-CDAT development team thanks you for your continued support. We look forward to receiving feedback so that we can continue to improve UV-CDAT.

Best regards,