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UV-CDAT 2.10

@doutriaux1 doutriaux1 released this
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The UV-CDAT team is pleased to announce the release of UV-CDAT version 2.10.



Due to a bug in conda, the following version of conda will not install properly 4.3.13, 4.3.14, 4.3.15, 4.3.16, 4.3.17. Hence please make sure your version of conda is not one of the above-metioned. To be safe run:

conda install -n root "conda<4.3.13"

UV-CDAT is distributed via anaconda:

conda create -n uvcdat-2.10 uvcdat -c conda-forge -c uvcdat 

Major changes in v2.10

NOX versions discontinued as stand-alone

Starting with 2.10 there is no need to install a special version of uvcdat (or vcs, dv3d, vcsaddons, etc...) to obtain a mesa version of UV-CDAT packages, simply add the mesalib package to your environment

CDMS: Switch from esmp legacy to esmpy for python interface to ESMF regridder
CDMS: Numpy 1.12
Build: Conda build uses conda-forge channel for all externals and some of uv-cdat packages
VCS: streamlines
VCS: patterns re-introduced and improved
VCS: improved inline documentation strings
VCS: NoX support on OSX
Build: Most packages now have their own repos and this allows more granular/modular UV-CDAT installations
Documentation: gallery improved
Documentation: jupyter notebooks introduced (and supported)
Documentation: reformatting of most packages doc string, in readthedocs compatible format

Changes/bug fixes since v2.8.0

Image/code galleries

Many thanks to users, testers, and developers for helping UV-CDAT to reach this milestone. This is a bug fix release, we have fixed several major and minor bugs in version 2.8 and therefore we strongly recommend users upgrade their UV-CDAT installation.