Builds a database of related subreddits and generates user defined graphs
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Subredditor creates visualizations of how subreddits relate to one another


Standalone Usage:

To use one must either populate the MongoDB database with, or use mongorestore on the bson in data/dump/reddit. generates a sub-region of the full graph with limits on the breadth and depth of child nodes. The user must specify a subreddit as the root to which parent and child nodes are connected. Output is a graphviz file and optionally a png.

usage: [-h] [-b BREADTH] [-d DEPTH] [-r] [-n] [-s SUBREDDIT] [-v]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -d DEPTH, --depth DEPTH
                        Tree traversal depth
  -r, --render          Render graph
  -n, --nsfw            Allow over 18 subreddits as nodes
  -s SUBREDDIT, --subreddit SUBREDDIT
                        Root subreddit
  -v, --verbose         Show debugging

Loading Database

There's already a database (approx 8Mb) in the repo for those who don't want to run the crawler to see the connections. To load it just run the script.


Generating a graph of subreddits related to /r/wikipedia and /r/python. Render the graph as a pdf with -r (render) flag and limit the number of child nodes to 2 with -b (breadth) flag. When breadth is restricted the child nodes are chosen at random, breadth also decreases with depth to prevent extremely large graphs.


./ -s wikipedia -r

Wikipedia Graph


./ -s python -r

Python Graph