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Corrected fingerprint length in README (#6)

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@@ -505,7 +505,7 @@ Objects of this type may contain the following properties:
* `pkalgo`: One of [`consts.PKALGO`](#public-key-algorithm)
* `keyParts`: An object containing the relevant key parts as [MPI](#mpi) objects
Algorithm specific, might contain the values `n`, `e`, `p`, `q`, `g` and `y`
-* `fingerprint`: The fingerprint, a 32-digit hex number as upper-case String
+* `fingerprint`: The fingerprint, a 32-digit (for v3 keys) or 40-digit (for v4 keys) hex number as upper-case String
* `size`: The key size in bits
* `sizeSecurity`: How secure the size makes this key, one of [`consts.SECURITY`](#security-level)
* `security`: The overall security of this key’s properties, one of [`consts.SECURITY`](#security-level)

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