A class for handling mulitouch info from the iOS, useful in situations where user input needs to be synchronized with rendering. Also useful if you need to adapt a mouse-based app for the iOS multitouch environment.
Objective-C C C++
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MultiTouchScreen for iPhone

By David Petrie

MultiTouchScreen is an Objective-C++ extension to the GLView, and is a wrapper around the multitouch functionality of the iPhone and iPod Touch. It was adapted from the "TouchScreen" class in the Oolong Engine.

This class is intended to be used in apps that need to synchronize user input and rendering. It is also useful if you want to convert multitouch input into another form of input, such as mouse or trackball input.

The library is currently used in a game on the iTunes App Store called Smashed.

Note on the Demo Project

The demo project demonstrates the multitouch screen in an iOS app. When you initially run the demo, it will show a black screen. You must touch the screen to see the pretty colours (try with more than one finger).