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CSS take on responsive tables.
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CSS.Responsive Tables

Quick bit of CSS & HTML to get you going with a responsive table layout. The two main goals were to avoid using client-side scripting and to streamline.

How it works

Makes use of a CSS media query up to a width you desire. Scale your browser window down to the appropriate size for activation.

In my personal projects I seem to be able to get away with a standard table view somewhere around 500 to 549px/34.3125em. The media query has the added benefit of weeding out early versions of IE.

Browser compatibility

Works in Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Safari. IE-9 is fine as well. Technically IE-8 can handle the responsive format, but due to media queries and the lack of a shim 8 gets lumped into IE-7 territory. And IE-7-, well, those users receive the original table.


Ignoring a license on this project since I'm unsure where the pattern originated (feel free to help me update any kudos). But to give credit to my resource... a friend of mine, jpstreich, introduced me to this concept and the original code around late 2011 to early 2012, on a collaborative research project.

I did include Normalize.css and the box model tweak from Paul Irish for general formatting purposes.

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