SVG display plugin for supported browsers and the ability to display alternate content for unsupported browsers.
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jQuery SVG plugin, meant to display SVG in supported browsers. Unsupported browsers simply receive alternate content. Also provided a few methods for adding/removing classes from SVG elements, and various other aspects.

Browser compatibility

Tested in Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and everyones favorite IE flavors 7-9. IE 7 and 8 will display the unsupported content. IE 9 has basic SVG support.


Released under the MIT License.

Utilized a regular expression, for replacing classes in a CSS selector, I pulled from Stack Overflow, but my Google Fu seems a bit off as I can't seem to find it anymore.

I did reference Keith Wood's work on his SVG for jQuery v1.4.5 plugin for what class methods to return/allow. His plugin was dual licensed under the GPL and MIT License.