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Tool for calculating a Semantic Version for products delivered semi frequent
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The goal is to provide a simple way to automatically calculate a Semantic Version for projects that are delivered frequently enough to not be able to handle versioning manually but not frequent enough to be able to utilize Continous Deployment.

How to use CDCalc?

It's possible to use it via the gradle plugin or the cli, see section below!

Gradle plugin

The easiest way is to use the gradle plugin, see the sample folder for more information. There are function tests for the plugin that explains the different configuration options.

Write the calculated version to file

cdcalc {
  versionFile = file('.version')


The CLI is experimental but can be used for debugging at the moment.

./gradlew installDist

The cli or cli.bat to can be executed from any folder containing a .git folder

Supported branching strategies

GitFlow when doing a couple of releases per week

From time to time it's not possible to deploy to production any given time and to support a flow where a release branch can be stabilized and tested in a verification environment at the same time as a hotfix can be developed with blocking the ordinary development flow this might be an option.

Default resolvers

master tag[v2.1.3] => 2.1.3
develop 2 commits ahead of latest reachable rc.0 tag tag[v1.2.3-rc.0] => 1.3.0-beta.2
release/2.0.0 => 2.0.0-rc.{numberOfFirstParentCommitsSinceDevelop} (this can be used for auto tagging)
hotfix/1.1.0 => 1.1.0-rc.{numberOfFirstParentCommitsSinceMaster} (this can be used for auto tagging)
merge-requests/137 => same base version resolver and bumping rules as develop => 1.1.0-alpha.137
undefined branch => throws a not supported exception


CDCalc was started a way to learn kotlin and also is heavliy inspired by the simplicity of GitVersion and if you have the possiblity you should use GitVersion instead.

CDCalc is also taking a much easier route to handle versioning of GitFlow since it requires a pre-release tag at the development branch together with the creation of a release branch. Given that tradeoff the logic to calculate the version is much easier.

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