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CDC FluSight Hospitalization Forecasts

This is the data repository for CDC FluSight hospitalization forecasts.

If you are a modeling team interested in submitting forecasts to this project, please visit our technical README with detailed submission instructions. Participating teams provide their forecasts in a quantile-based format.

Guidance and context

Forecasts are used by CDC and health officials to guide situational awareness and decision making. We request that teams use their best judgment in determining which forecast targets to submit each week to continue improving the public health utility of FluSight forecasts. This could include censoring forecasts that are believed to be poorly calibrated and/or drastically inconsistent with recent trends. We also encourage routine monitoring of team forecast performance to ensure forecasts are calibrated and are performing as expected.

Data license and reuse

We are grateful to the teams who have generated these and made their data publicly available under different terms and licenses. By default, forecasts are available under the CC-BY 4.0 license, although teams may specify release under a different license in their metadata. You will find the licenses (when provided) within the metadata contained within model-specific folders in the data-forecasts directory. Please consult these licenses before using these data to ensure that you follow the terms under which these data were released.