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# post-factum corrections to the underlying ontologies
@prefix bao: <> .
@prefix bat: <> .
@prefix rdf: <> .
@prefix xsd: <> .
@prefix rdfs: <> .
@prefix owl: <> .
@prefix obo: <> .
# the 'bat:preferredParent' indicates that when two 'owl:equivalentClass' terms could be placed analogously
# in a hierarchy, the preferred one is used as the branch master; this occurs frequently when the BAO borrows
# terms from other ontologies (such as GO), which can get a bit messy
# biological process
obo:GO_0008150 a bat:preferredParent .
obo:GO_0008150 bat:finalLabel "biological process" .
# cellular component
obo:GO_0005575 a bat:preferredParent .
obo:GO_0005575 bat:finalLabel "cellular component" .
# molecular function
obo:GO_0003674 a bat:preferredParent .
obo:GO_0003674 bat:finalLabel "molecular function" .
# disease
obo:DOID_4 a bat:preferredParent .
# cell line cell
obo:CLO_0000001 a bat:preferredParent .
obo:CLO_0000001 owl:equivalentClass bao:BAO_0002931 .
# fluorescence intensity stays in physical detection branch
# (shouldn't need this, but here it is just in case)
#bao:BAO_0000363 bat:notSubClass bao:BAO_0000583 .
#bao:BAO_0000363 rdfs:subClassOf bao:BAO_0000046 .
# use the original UO units
bao:BAO_0000077 a bat:eliminated .
obo:UO_0000000 a bat:preferredParent .
# subclass breaking: the 'notSubClass' directive overrides a subclass that has been specified in one of the
# source ontologies, i.e. makes it as if it were not so, regardless of the order in which the ontologies were
# processed
# molecular function: subclassed from a weird singleton, for no apparent reason
# (but: it's rather difficult to disentangle because the BAO is rewriting a lot of it)
#obo:GO_0003674 rdfs:subClassOf bao:BAO_0003114 .
#obo:GO_0003674 bat:notSubClass bao:BAO_0003117 .
#bao:BAO_0003075 bat:notSubClass bao:BAO_0003117 .
#bao:BAO_0003117 bat:notSubClass bao:BAO_0003114 .