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Add support for NO_COLOR
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cddmp committed Oct 24, 2020
1 parent a46edb7 commit fa8f371de9975d4613c6ed9582b26db2584d10d8
Showing 1 changed file with 46 additions and 14 deletions.
@@ -9,7 +9,8 @@
# 'rpcclient' and 'smbclient'. Other than the original, enum4linux-ng parses all output of
# the previously mentioned commands and (if the user requests so), fills the data in JSON/YAML output.
# The original had the additional dependencies 'ldapsearch' and ''. These are
# natively implemented in enum4linux-ng. Console output is colored.
# natively implemented in enum4linux-ng. Console output is colored (can be deactivated by setting the
# environment variable NO_COLOR to an arbitrary value).
# I'd like to thank and give credit to the people at former Portcullis Labs (now Cisco CX Security Labs), namely:
@@ -256,15 +257,40 @@
KNOWN_USERNAMES = "administrator,guest,krbtgt,domain admins,root,bin,none"

# global_verbose is the only global variable which should be written to
# global_verbose and global_colors should be the only variables which should be written to
global_verbose = False
global_colors = True

class Colors:
reset = '\033[0m'
red = '\033[91m'
green = '\033[92m'
yellow = '\033[93m'
blue = '\033[94m'
ansi_reset = '\033[0m'
ansi_red = '\033[91m'
ansi_green = '\033[92m'
ansi_yellow = '\033[93m'
ansi_blue = '\033[94m'

def red(cls, msg):
if global_colors:
return f"{cls.ansi_red}{msg}{cls.ansi_reset}"
return msg

def green(cls, msg):
if global_colors:
return f"{cls.ansi_green}{msg}{cls.ansi_reset}"
return msg

def yellow(cls, msg):
if global_colors:
return f"{cls.ansi_yellow}{msg}{cls.ansi_reset}"
return msg

def blue(cls, msg):
if global_colors:
return f"{cls.ansi_blue}{msg}{cls.ansi_reset}"
return msg

class Result:
@@ -2456,7 +2482,7 @@ def valid_workgroup(workgroup):
### Print Functions and Error Processing

def print_banner():
print(f"{}ENUM4LINUX - next generation{Colors.reset}\n")
print(f"{'ENUM4LINUX - next generation')}\n")

def print_heading(text, leading_newline=True):
output = f"| {text} |"
@@ -2469,16 +2495,16 @@ def print_heading(text, leading_newline=True):
print(" " + "="*(length-2))

def print_success(msg):
print(f"{}[+] {msg + Colors.reset}")
print("[+] {msg}"))

def print_hint(msg):
print(f"{}[H] {msg + Colors.reset}")
print("[H] {msg}"))

def print_error(msg):
print(f"{}[-] {msg + Colors.reset}")
print("[-] {msg}"))

def print_info(msg):
print(f"{}[*] {msg + Colors.reset}")
print("[*] {msg}"))

def print_verbose(msg):
print(f"[V] {msg}")
@@ -2513,11 +2539,11 @@ def abort(msg):
This function is used to abort the tool run on error.
The given error message will be printed out and the tool will abort with exit code 1.
print(f"{}[!] {msg + Colors.reset}")
print("[!] {msg}"))

def warn(msg):
print(f"\n{Colors.yellow}[!] {msg + Colors.reset}")
print("\n"+Colors.yellow(f"[!] {msg}"))

def yamlize(msg, sort=False, rstrip=True):
result = yaml.dump(msg, default_flow_style=False, sort_keys=sort, Dumper=Dumper)
@@ -2534,6 +2560,7 @@ def check_arguments():

global global_verbose
global global_colors

parser = ArgumentParser(description="""This tool is a rewrite of Mark Lowe's, a tool for enumerating information from Windows and Samba systems.
It is mainly a wrapper around the Samba tools nmblookup, net, rpcclient and smbclient. Other than the original tool it allows to export enumeration results
@@ -2640,6 +2667,11 @@ def check_dependencies():
### Run!

def main():
# The user can disable colored output via environment variable NO_COLOR (see
global global_colors
if "NO_COLOR" in os.environ:
global_colors = False


# Check dependencies and process arguments, make sure yaml can handle OrdereDicts

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