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(defpackage :delorean
(:use :cl)
:frozen-clock :shifted-clock :scaled-clock)
(:documentation "A set of macros loosely based on travisjeffery's timecop
library with the purpose of making it easier to test time-sensitive code"))
(in-package :delorean)
(defclass mock-clock ()
((created-at :initarg :created-at :accessor created-at)
(parent-clock :initarg :parent-clock :accessor parent-clock))
(:documentation "The base class that is extended by all mock clocks")
:created-at (local-time:now)
:parent-clock local-time:*clock*))
(defmethod parent-now ((self mock-clock))
(let ((local-time:*clock* (parent-clock self)))
(defclass frozen-clock (mock-clock)
((frozen-time :initarg :frozen-time :accessor frozen-time))
(:documentation "A clock which allows time to be frozen in perpetuity"))
(defmethod local-time:clock-now ((self frozen-clock))
(frozen-time self))
(defmacro with-frozen-clock (time &body body)
"Freezes the notion of local-time's `now' function
Within body (and any code called by body), calling (now) will always return `time'"
`(let ((local-time:*clock*
(make-instance 'frozen-clock
:frozen-time ,time)))
(defclass shifted-clock (mock-clock)
((shifted-time :initarg :shifted-time :accessor shifted-time))
(:documentation "A clock which allows time to be shifted to the specified time"))
(defmethod local-time:clock-now ((self shifted-clock))
(+ (local-time:timestamp-to-universal (shifted-time self))
(- (local-time:timestamp-to-universal (parent-now self))
(local-time:timestamp-to-universal (created-at self))))))
(defmacro with-shifted-clock (to &body body)
"Teleports to the time indicated by `to' before executing `body'"
`(let* ((local-time:*clock*
(make-instance 'shifted-clock
:shifted-time ,to)))
(defclass scaled-clock (mock-clock)
((scale :initarg :scale :accessor scale))
(:documentation "A clock which allows time to proceed faster or slower than normal"))
(defmethod local-time:clock-now ((self scaled-clock))
(+ (local-time:timestamp-to-universal (created-at self))
(* (scale self)
(- (local-time:timestamp-to-universal (parent-now self))
(local-time:timestamp-to-universal (created-at self)))))))
(defmacro with-scaled-clock (scale &body body)
"Accelerates (or decelarates) time by a factor indicated by `scale'"
`(let ((local-time:*clock*
(make-instance 'scaled-clock :scale ,scale)))