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The Schema Toolbox

The Schema Project is aimed at providing a method of defining the "shape" of your public data structures. This library is a collection of Schema utilities that we believe may be useful to a large part of the community.


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Add the latest version into your dependencies

  :dependencies [[cddr/integrity "0.3.0-SNAPSHOT"]])


The attributes function generates datomic attribute definitions to match the specified schema

Datomic Tests


HAL is the hypertext application language. As the summary at the link above describes, HAL based APIs are easily discoverable by client applications. The vars in this namespace may be helpful when generating walkers that require knowledge of HAL data-structures. For example usage, see the tests

HAL Tests


When some data input is checked against some schema, prismatic/schema returns a ValidationError object. The human-explain function translates this error object into a message that should be surfaceable to an end-user. For example usage, see the tests

Human Explain Tests

When using schema's pred type constructor, be sure to give your predicate a name which satisfies the function human-expectation?. This should ensure that the information needed by ValidationTransformer to print a human readable message is attached to your predicate function.


Schema defines a pred utility which builds a schema that matches it's input if the supplied predicate returns true. Here, we use this to build numeric schemas that can be more specific than just a type of number.

For example (gt 21) builds a schema one could use to ensure the input data is old enough to buy booze. For more examples, see the tests

Number Tests


Schema walker generators take a schema as input, and use it to return a function that walks input data in-step with the the corresponding schema. For example, the lookup walker replaces "references" in the input document with the result of looking them up in an external data source. For example usage, see the tests

Walker Tests


If you've found a bug, you have the following options, ordered by usefulness to the community

  1. Issue a pull request that contains a test that fails against a released version, together with a change that fixes the test.
  2. Create an issue describing the minimal steps to reproduce; the version of the project you are using; what you see; and what you expected to see
  3. Create an issue describing the problem in as much detail as you can

If you have an idea for a feature, make a github issue and lets talk about it

Running the tests

Before issuing a pull request, please use the following command to ensure the unit tests pass and the API docs can be generated

$ lein do clean, test


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Copyright © 2014 Andy Chambers

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version.


tools for operating on schemas




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