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Fix up smoketest for running on the admin node.

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1 parent 4ff7c77 commit f647e2909dc12933fa7e0abfad4c08b866dd1d84 @VictorLowther VictorLowther committed Dec 5, 2011
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@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ glance_port=${glance_port%%,*}
glance_nodes=$(knife_node_find 'roles:glance-server' FQDN)
for node in $glance_nodes; do
- if run_on $node -- glance -H $(name_to_ip $node) \
+ if run_on $node glance -H $(name_to_ip $node) \
-p "$glance_port" -A "$auth_token" details |grep -q 'Status: active'; then
echo "Glance running on $node"

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