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SCM as a DataProduct

Services Computing is the science and engineering of IT-focused value creation for the digital business. The Herman Hollerith Center (HHZ) offers a scientifically ambitious masters programme on Services Computing (SCM). Check out the SCM Vision Board for a concise overview.

This student research project presents the Services Computing masters programme (SCM) as data product.

The project wiki documents the progress.


Services Computing as a Data Product, aims to enhance the SCM processes with more data intelligence. It provides immediate and valueable information as well as new information services to master students.

  • Product details: decision support for candidates
  • Support: directed and faster responses to organisational questions
  • Feedback: data-based feedback and stronger binding between users (students) and maker (professors) for continuous evolution

Customer segment / target audience

  • Prospective SCM candidates
  • SCM students
  • Alumni

Project Presentation

Initial project presentation (ger) given by Christian Decker.


Der Projektsteckbrief zum nachlesen


Student research project presenting the masters programme Services Computing as data product.




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