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CABRA — Comprehensive Academic Bitcoin Research Archive
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CABRA — Comprehensive Academic Bitcoin Research Archive

CABRA is an attempt to collect and organize metadata about ongoing Bitcoin research.


When researching Bitcoin and Blockchain technology it is sometimes difficult to keep up to date with the latest developments. This is my attempt to make it easier.

Looking for a comprehensive list of publications I stumbled over Brett Scott's excellent Bitcoin Academic Research list, which contains an impressive number of Bitcoin/Blockchain related publications. The format of a shared Google Sheet may be well suited for quick collaboration and having many people contribute to the list, however allowing everybody write access also has its downsides. I think a source repository with a controlled process for people to contribute is better suited for such an effort.

In addition storing the publications in a well documented format allows us to better annotate, search for individual publications, and generate a number of derived formats, e.g., a bibtex file for future publications.


This project aims to include as many academic papers as possible, but my time is limited and while I try to keep up to date with the latest publications I might miss some. If you'd like to contribute to this archive feel free to fork the repository and/or submit a pull request.

In order to keep the data consistent, please adhere to the JSON-Schema in this repository.


If you find this repository useful, please consider a small Bitcoin donation to 1AQp9kfD5hKA1mia7YnKCAT2khPfY6jTPC

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