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Installation instructions
1. Put either the pitchfork.conf or pitchfork_domain.conf file, found in this doc/ directory,
in /etc/http/conf.d (or where your extra config-files are)
and make sure they specify the correct directories for pitchfork.
2. Apache needs to have write access to the config directory:
- Go to where you installed pitchfork
- chown apache config (or whatever user apache is run as, can be 'nobody')
to find out who the apache-user is check output from "ps auxww | grep httpd || ps auxww|grep apache"
3. Reload/restart apache
4. Open your web-browser to where you installed apache and answer the questions ;)
Apache access logs
The client by default requests information every second from the server, this means that a lot of
stuff will end up in your access log. To disable logging of the these requests you will have to
change the CustomLog directive in apache. It should be sufficient to add env=!pitchforknolog after it
(if you have used the given .conf file)
Example customlog directive:
CustomLog logs/access_log combined env=!pitchforknolog
For more information about logs:
Required PHP-Modules:
Usually shipped with the php-distribution, but listed here for modular php-implementations.
- Hash
- SimpleXML
- JSON (not required, but highly recommended)
When you have problems:
* apache refuses to start and you see "invalid command php_flag"
* The only thing you see is some PHP-code
- You have to enable PHP in httpd.conf, make sure you have
"LoadModule php5_module modules/" somewhere in the config file
* All you see is a blank page OR
* Warning: require_once(PEAR/Exception.php) [function.require-once]:
failed to open stream: No such file or
directory in <something>/pitchfork/inc/Net/MPD.php
- You need to install php-pear (might also be called PEAR-PEAR)
* Allowed memory size of .. bytes exhausted in apache error log
- You need to increase the allowed memory size in php.ini,
set memory_limit to at least 64M
* No metadata (ie. images/lyrics/etc) is showing
- make sure allow_url_fopen is set to on in php.ini and that the config/ directory
is writeable by apache
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