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The following Python packages for astronomy coordinate calculations are compared:

Let's compare a few features of these packages:

  • Package -- Package name
  • License -- License of the Python package
  • Lib License -- License of the underlying C or Fortran coordinates library (if applicable)
  • Array -- Works with arrays of coordinates?
  • Alt/Az -- Can compute horizontal coordinates for a given observer?
Package License Lib License Array Alt/Az
astropy BSD --- No No
astrolib.coords BSD ??? No No
kapteyn.celestial BSD --- Yes No
pyast ??? ??? Yes Yes
pyephem ??? ??? No Yes
pyslalib ??? ??? No Yes
pytpm BSD ??? No Yes
idl Public Domain Commercial ??? ???

Please report any inaccuracies, especially concerning the license status. I've used to check the license of some packages.

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