Abstraction to load environment variables as application configuration to match my other libs
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A library to abstract registration of named environment variables to load into shared application configuration.

sales pitch

My library aims to deliver the simplest possible implementation of named environment variable registration.

The Var() method handles registration which accepts the name you will refer to it as, followed by the environment variable name to look for.

When you run Parse() it returns a map[string]interface{} which can be manipulated or merged with other forms of configuration gather. A map library is available aid with parsing and merging.

It is also fully-tested.

What it does not provide:

  • abstractions
  • dependency on other non-core libraries
  • more than 40 lines of code

This package was built for use in combination with go-config and go-option to produce a single map[string]interface{} of application settings.


Import my library:

import "github.com/cdelorme/go-env"

Create a new instance to define what your application is looking for:

appEnvs := env.App{}

Define what you are looking for with an application-local name consistent with what you might load from a configuration file or flag/option:

appEnvs.Var("name", "APP_LOCAL_NAME")

Once you have registered the environment variables you are looking for you can get a map[string]interface{} of the results:

envs := appEnvs.Parse()