Stand-alone revamped version of my jQuery slideshow.
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A modern javascript image slideshow with no external dependencies.

sales pitch

This module aims to deliver a simple dependency free solution for handling image slideshows.

What it offers:

  • faded transitions
  • asynchronous image preloading
  • pauses automatically when window is inactive
  • optional built-in controls /w easy to connect control methods for a custom interface

Added benefits:

  • less than 200 lines of uncompressed javascript
  • uses a modern immediate-rendering approach reducing the amount of code and improving the experience


Grab any container object as the context:

var context = document.getElementById("context");

Supply optional configuration:

var config = { control: true, delay: 4600, transition: 300 };

Prepare a set of images with a variety of definitions that can use or override default configuration:

var images = [
        image: '2.gif',
        delay: 7800,
        transition: 0
        prefix: 'path/title-',
        start: 1,
        end: 25,
        type: '.png',
        delay: 2200,
        transition: 50

Create a slideshow instance:

var ss = window.slideShow(context, config, images);

You can opt to supply images later, or even add to the existing roll of images:

var ss = window.slideShow(context, config);

You can also insert them at a specific index:

ss.insert(12, images);

You can remove by index as well:


Any changes to the set of images can be done during runtime, and will immediately be reflected by the slideshow.

You can play, pause, or toggle the slideshows state with:;

If controls are set, you can request the next and previous images or toggle the state with arrow keys and spacebar. Alternatively you can assign your own controls to:;

An initial delay may be evident when preloading large amounts of content. This is normal, and if you have run toggle() or play() it will begin playing as soon as the process has finished.


The code is not compatible with older browsers.

It depends on standardized addEventListener support.

It depends on requestAnimationFrame compatibility.