Documentation and Scripts I use to ease setup, potentially fully automated.
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system setup

This repository functions as a home for documentation and automation of system configuration.

Ideally documentation will either mirror or supplement the automated scripts.

Documentation that is modular or independent of a particular configuration will be separated, organized, and referenced.


My primary systems are osx for laptops and debian (jessie) for desktops and servers; as a result my linux automation and documentation have limited support for laptop and wireless tools.

The automation has been written purely to scratch my own itch. However, I document almost everything I have configured; for complex configuration check out my extensive documentation for instructions and code snippets.

For mac optimizations, try this:

curl -Lo "" && bash

For debian automation, give this a shot:

wget --no-check-certificate -qO "" && bash

This script may ask for input, which can be preseeded with environment variables.


These are just some of the many online resources I used during construction: