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Pulseaudio command line mixer

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pamixer: pulseaudio command line mixer

pamixer is like amixer but for pulseaudio. It can control the volume levels of the sinks.

Also, this project can provide you a small C++ library to control pulseaudio.


  • Get the current volume of the default sink, the default source or a selected one by his id
  • Set the volume for the default sink, the default source or any other device
  • List the sinks
  • List the sources
  • Increase / Decrease the volume for a device
  • Mute or unmute a device


  • libpulse
  • boost-program_options


  • From source:

    • Get the source:

      git clone
    • Compile:

    • And use it, no install command for now:

      ./pamixer --help
      Allowed options:
        -h [ --help ]         help message
        -s [ --sink ] arg     choose a different sink than the default
        --source arg          choose a different source than the default
        --default-source      select the default source
        --get-volume          get the current volume
        --set-volume arg      set the volume
        --increase arg        increase the volume
        --decrease arg        decrease the volume
        --toggle-mute         switch between mute and unmute
        --mute                set mute
        --unmute              unset mute
        --get-mute            display true if the volume is mute, false otherwise
        --allow-boost         allow volume to go above 100%
        --list-sinks          list the sinks
        --list-sources        list the sources
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