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pamixer: pulseaudio command line mixer

pamixer is like amixer but for pulseaudio. It can control the volume levels of the sinks.

Also, this project can provide you a small C++ library to control pulseaudio.


  • Get the current volume of the default sink, the default source or a selected one by his id
  • Set the volume for the default sink, the default source or any other device
  • List the sinks
  • List the sources
  • Increase / Decrease the volume for a device (using gamma correction optionally)
  • Mute or unmute a device


  • libpulse
  • cxxopts

You need the headers as well (“-dev” packages for Debian).


  • From source:

    • Get the source:

      git clone
    • Compile:

      meson setup build
      meson compile -C build
    • And use it:

      ./build/pamixer --help
      pulseaudio command line mixer
        pamixer [OPTION...]
        -h, --help              help message
        -v, --version           print version info
            --sink arg          choose a different sink than the default
            --source arg        choose a different source than the default
            --default-source    select the default source
            --get-volume        get the current volume
            --get-volume-human  get the current volume percentage or the string
            --set-volume arg    set the volume
        -i, --increase arg      increase the volume
        -d, --decrease arg      decrease the volume
        -t, --toggle-mute       switch between mute and unmute
        -m, --mute              set mute
            --allow-boost       allow volume to go above 100%
            --set-limit arg     set a limit for the volume
            --gamma arg         increase/decrease using gamma correction e.g. 2.2
                                (default: 1.0)
        -u, --unmute            unset mute
            --get-mute          display true if the volume is mute, false
            --list-sinks        list the sinks
            --list-sources      list the sources
            --get-default-sink  print the default sink
    • Or install it:

      meson install -C build