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A raffling app based on the old split-flap displays (also known as Solari departure boards).

It was used for SCNA 2010 book raffling and RubyConf 2010 giveaways.

How to use

You will need the following dependencies:


This config file has three options:

  1. names_list_path is the path where the solari.all and solari.used files live. By default it points to the project's data directory.
  2. persist_used_names takes a boolean value. If set to true, all people picked as winners will be stored in this file and will persist across multiple Solari sessions. If set to false, it will only persist in a single Solari session.
  3. play_sound take a boolean value. If set to true, it will play the Solari departure board sound.


Create this file if it does not already exist and add all the people participating in the raffle.


This file contains the list of all people picked as a winner (if the config option is turned on, see above)

Run Program

In the repo directory, type limelight open .

To exit, press the appropriate shortcut keys to close application (e.g., Command + Q for Mac, Alt + F4 for Windows).


mab for the Solari departure board sound byte (Creative Commons).

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