TiddlyWiki text wikifier for TiddlySpace,Web based on TiddlyWiki 5
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A nodejs-based wikitext rendering system for TiddlySpace and TiddlyWeb
using TiddlyWiki5 as a library.

The server, wikify.js, listens on a Unix socket for:

* tiddler title
* context URI (the collection in which this tiddler resides)
* option authToken (a tiddlyweb_user cookie)

Combined these things allow wikify.js to create a TiddlyWiki store
and render the current tiddler, with macros.

Currently wikify.js expects to find its library code in a local
directory call TiddlyWiki5. This is a git submodule. Do the following
to initialize:

   git submodule init
   git submodule update

For testing there is also one.js, which takes a tiddler name and context
and returns output:

   node one.js HelloThere http://cdent.tiddlyspace.com/recipes/cdent_public/tiddlers

Testing wikify.js is done as follows:

   node wikify.js &
    echo -e \
    'HelloThere\00http://cdent.tiddlyspace.com/recipes/cdent_public/tiddlers' \
        | nc -U /tmp/wikify.sock 

TiddlySpace: http://tiddlyspace.com
TiddlyWeb: http://tiddlyweb.com
TiddlyWiki5: http://tiddlywiki.com/tiddlywiki5/
 its github: https://github.com/Jermolene/TiddlyWiki5