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@@ -7,10 +7,14 @@ A roadmap for damp.ekeko.aspectj
* Find a name for this sucker
* (CDR) Have the test framework work
* (CDR) Make annotations on aspects and advice work
-* (JF) Go over the whiteboard rules, clean and check
+* (CDR) Have walks over call graph work
+* (CDR) Make it possible to remove soot nature from projects
+* (CDR) Fix soot aspectJ build dependency
+* (JF) Go over the whiteboard rules and check
* (JF) Implement rules in mail of 20 sept
* (JF) Execution levels rules
* (JF) Exceptions problems rules
+* Some persistent store, to catch evolution issues: store old values of X before a compile and after a compile see changes in X
## Done

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