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@@ -5,11 +5,16 @@ Ekeko/X specifications are decidedly **template**-based. On the **left-hand side
Ekeko/X owes its peculiar name to our meta-programming library for Clojure on which it is founded. This library, called [Ekeko](, enables implementing Eclipse plugins as functional programs in which logic queries are embedded seamlessly.
+## Demo
The following screencast demonstrates an early prototype of Ekeko/X:
+Example program transformations can be found in directory [damp.ekeko.snippets.plugin.test/resources/TestCase-JDT-CompositeVisitor-Templates](
+For our SCAM14 submission, the relevant files start with a ``chaqdemo_`` prefix. Opening these files from within Eclipse launches the transformation editor on them. The program under transformation can be found at [](
## Installation
@@ -21,13 +21,13 @@
- <kepler-repo.url></kepler-repo.url>
+ <luna-repo.url></luna-repo.url>
- <id>kepler</id>
- <url>${kepler-repo.url}</url>
+ <id>luna</id>
+ <url>${luna-repo.url}</url>

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