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Simpler bidirectional communication between JavaScript in a UIWebView and C# in your native app.
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Simpler bidirectional communication between JavaScript in a UIWebView and C# in your native app.


  • Xamarin.iOS 8.6 is required for Unified support due to a bug in lower versions.


Reference the JsBridge project or DLL in your Project.

In the html files where you want to use JsBridge, include a copy of the mt.js file.

<script src="js/mt.js"></script>

Alernatively you can call InjectMtJavascript on your UIWebView but you will have to call it everytime a new page is loaded and since you usually have to wait until the page is loaded to do so, it is recommended to include mt.js instead to insure it's available when you need it.

Browser Side

From a UIWebView you can do the following:

Log to Native side 'This message will print on the native side using Console.WriteLine' );

Fire Events on the Native side

Mt.App.fireEvent('promptUser', { 
    msg: 'Hi, this msg is from the browser.',
    extra: 'You can send more then one property back',
    question: 'Did you get this message?',
    answer: 42

Subscribe to Events triggered from the Native side

Mt.App.addEventListener('handleNativeEvent', function(data) {

    if (data && data.ArbitraryProperty) {
	    console.log( data.ArbitraryProperty );


Native Side

From your Xamarin application you can interact with your UIWebView as follows:

Fire Events on the Browser side

viewController.WebView.FireEvent( "handleNativeEvent", new {
	Message = "The Native code says hi back. ;)",
    ArbitraryProperty = "more properties",
    Success = true

Subscribe to Events triggered from theBrowser side

viewController.WebView.AddEventListener( "promptUser", delegate(FireEventData arg) {

    // show a native action sheet
    BeginInvokeOnMainThread (delegate { 
        var sheet = new UIActionSheet ( arg.Data["question"].ToString() );
        sheet.AddButton ( "Yes" );
        sheet.AddButton ( "No" );
        sheet.CancelButtonIndex = 1;
        sheet.ShowInView ( viewController.View );




  • Added Xamarin.iOS Unified support (Xamarin.Mac Unified support is broken)


  • Merged "jsbridge mac implementation" from codingday


  • Updated to use jXHR library so you can use JsBridge across domains and on remote sites.


  • Changed 'Func<>' into 'Action<>' call for the latest version of MonoTouch


  • Initial Release
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