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WARNING: Does not work in iOS7

Update 10/4/2013: Unfortuantely iOS7 completely broke this component. I currently do not have time to try and fix it, nor does this type of element make sense in iOS7, in my opinion.

MonoTouch.Dialog PickerElement

This is a generic UIPicker and a DateTime Picker for MonoTouch.Dialog.

It's heavily based on ClanceyLib:


Requirements for dismissing Picker when another cell is selected

  • crdeutsch version of MonoTouch.Dialog:

  • Find the line in PickerElement under "// MonoTouch.Dialog CUSTOM:" and comment in. Now the Picker will hide if you select a different cell to edit.

Differences from Clancey version

  • Added a DateTime Picker that functions consitantly with the generic Picker.
  • Highlights the row you are showing the picker for and scrolls it into focus to avoid the picker hiding the row.
  • Updated it to hide the keyboard or picker when selecting different cells to edit.
  • Actually has a sample of how to use it. ;)
  • Independent DisplayMember and ValueMember



  • Fixed bug with rapidly clicking PickerElements causing the view to resizing too many times.


  • Fixed bug with DatePickerElement2 re-appearing when an app is closed and relaunched.
  • Fixed bug with DateTimeElement2 resizing the label when it redraws.


  • Added support for setting label TextColor for PickerElement


  • Added support for hiding PickerElement without animation.


  • Added support for hiding DatePicker without animation. Useful when view is disappearing.


  • Added ValueChanged Event to PickerElement.


  • Improved the ability to control the size of the Value in the table cell versus the caption.


  • Added flag to control whether done button is show or not.


  • Added feature that highlights the row the picker is being shown for and also scrolls the row into view rather then potentially covering it up.


  • Created DateTimeElement2 that creates a UIDatePicker on the same view just like the PickerElement, instead of pushing a new view like the regular MonoTouch.Dialog DateTimeElement.

  • Refactored PickerElement and DateTimeElement2 to inherit from EntryElement to fix issue with labels lining up, and deleted ReadOnlyStringElement.cs

  • Worked on adding support for when "Next" key is pressed on regular EntryElement. Unfortunately this will require another MonoTouch.Dialog change to work.

  • Added SelectedItem property to PickerElement so you can retrieve the selected object instead of just the value.


  • Removed support for using a UIView for the rows since the picker often loses the rows when there are multiple pickers.
  • Added support for setting DisplayMember and ValueMember independently.
  • Added support for setting the Width of the Picker.